Der Magische Pakt der
Illuminaten von Thanateros


If you are interested in becoming a member of the IOT, you will be required to start a novitiate. As a novice, you will learn and train basic magical techniques and skills that we consider to be a prerequisite for membership. This training is recorded in a diary.

As a novice, you get a mentor who accompanies your training and supports you. The mentors are experienced members of the Pact who can give you useful tips in case of difficulties.

If you want to become a novice, please answer the following questions by e-mail. They help us to chosse a suitable mentor for you:

  1. Do you already have magical experiences? If so, which ones?
  2. Do you already have experience with magic groups? If so, which ones?
  3. What do you offer the Pact in magical terms?
  4. What do you expect from the Pact?
  5. Are you willing to spend time and energy to attend our meetings regularly?
  6. In which region do you live?

Please send your application to: kontakt[at]

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Impressum: Nils Möllers, Heinkstr. 9, 04347 Leipzig